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What is special about Marshall Silver Jubilee?

A Rare and Special Amp With Marshall Heritage
The Silver Jubilee 2555 had an innovative and unusual preamp section that gave it higher gain and a somewhat darker and smoother sound than the JCM800. The preamp circuit had three gain modes: Clean, Rhythm Clip, and Lead.

Where Are Marshall Silver Jubilee made?

the UK Hand-built in the UK
We made the original 2555 Silver Jubilee in the same UK factory when it was first introduced in 1987, now we continue to make the 2555X. The 2525H is crafted in the same workshop, in the same way.

What year did Marshall Silver Jubilee come out?

1987 1987 was a year of celebration. Marshall was 25 years old and Jim Marshall had spent 50 years in the music industry. To celebrate with you, we released the Silver Jubilee ® available for that year only.

Is Marshall Major a plexi?

It was introduced in 1967 as the "Marshall 200" (in reference to the power of the amplifier). It had a plexi panel and two inputs in one channel, but in contrast with the 100 watt heads made by Marshall, the first series de televisión had split tone controls semejante to the Sound City amps.

What is Marshall plexi?

What is a Plexi? The Plexi gets its name from the early Marshall amps that used a plexiglass front panel during the ’60s, before this was replaced by brushed metal in 1969. So really, when we talk about the Plexi, we mean early Marshall amps.

What year was the Marshall Silver Jubilee made?

1987 The Silver Jubilee was designed to celebrate 25 years of Marshall, but what is it that makes this amp just so special? Dominating the amp industry for 25 years is no small achievement but in 1987 we accomplished exactly that.

Where Are Marshall studio amps made?

UK The Art of Amp Making
Every single Studio amp is designed, engineered and constructed at our UK headquarters, where it gets our seal of approval before it hits the shelves.