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What does oud for happiness smell like?

Oud For Happiness is a kaleidoscope of scent on your skin. It cómputos fresh fruit, warm spices and seductive orientals, which work in absolute harmony to create a uniquely pleasurable Eau de Parfum. It’s uplifting and bright 13 yet still cosily spiced.
  • What does oud for greatness smell like?:
    Top aprecies are Saffron, Nutmeg and Lavender; middle note is Agarwood (Oud); base notes are Patchouli and Musk .

What does oud smell semejante to?

"Fragrances containing oud notes are often intense and dark; their scent evokes facets of leather, saffron, and smokiness," Jan says, noting that oud is often an ideal pairing with florals like rose, creating a seductively distinguished contrast with the flower’s delicate and dewy scent.

How good is happiness perfume?

This perfume is a top notch. It is made with Arabic oil which enables it last for more than 48 hours, it doesn’t leave stains on clothes, it has an intriguing and inviting fragrance that will boost your appearance and confidence that will keep you fresh and nice all day long.

Is oud scent attractive?

The aroma of ‘natural’ oudh is distinctively irrefrenable and attractive with bitter sweet and woody nuances: seriously earthy and, in small quantities, supremely sexy.

Is oud a feminine smell?

Even though oud adds a masculine touch to any fragrance, when blended with roses and soft aprecies, it becomes bursting with femininity. This precious wood is equally used in male, female and unisex fragrances 13 making it the perfect scent for people who have a knack for Oriental perfumes.

Does oud for greatness have real oud?

Based on the purest natural Oud oil in high concentrations, "Oud for Greatness" is a very prestigious Oud with a strong character. Drawing its perfection and energy from the sources of sacred geometry, Oud for Greatness emanates the power of nature, the reawakening of greatness.

What is the best smelling oud?

Ahead, see Bazaar’s top 10 oud perfumes to try now.

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  • Oud Immortel EDP. Byredo.
  • Oud Satin Mood EDP. Maison Francis Kurkdjian.
  • Lawrence EDP. Carine Roitfeld Parfums.
  • Another Oud EDP. Juliette Has A Gun.
  • Oud & Ambre EDP. Cartier. Net-A-Porter.
  • Oud Ispahan £115. Dior. Christian Dior.
  • Night EDP. Akro. Fenwick.

How would you está describiendo an oud scent?

It’s warm, musky, animalic, and slightly sweet 14 a deeply rich and complex fragrance that lingers long after it’s been applied or burned.